May 8th 2007


Happy Birthday          

             Mr. L e o n a r d   R i c e.

             (Counselor,Houston Community Collage System, Houston)         

                                                                                     Happy Birthday

                         Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday.

                    Many, Many, Many returns of the day.

        May Lord Jesus bless you, May Lord Jesus Protect you.

                       May Lord give you healthy life.                    

               May Lord take care of your life.

              May Lord be with you in your life for your life,

               Because your are so nice and you are so wise.

              That’s why we pray for you on your Birthday.


                   Jesus is Lord; L.D.Rice is your father,

                You have Mary Eve as a mother in your life.

            They must be nice, because you are nice and wise.

                             Pray for them, pray for life.

                   Pray for your sister Melissa all the time

                     We all to gather on this very nice day.

                 That’s why we pray for you on your Birthday.


                         Mr. Leonard Rice is always nice

                  Where ever he goes he loves Jesus twice.

                         He was born on Feb.1st 1932

                 May he always live healthy and happy life.

            Never he got sick nor he get weak and never be lazy

                                              That’s why

                       Pradip respects him, Dipal respects him

             And Lord Jesus loves his child as we love from our heart  

                     That’s why we pray for you on your Birthday 


                            You are always nice fellow Mr.Rice

                          May you have a happy and healthy life.

                          People love you because Jesus loves you

                  People always love you because you love the people    

                   We pray Lord Jesus, we pray the almighty God  

                          We pray Jalaram Bapa for your life  

                   That’s why we pray for you on your Birthday    


                        This poem is for Mr.Leonard’s Birthday with

                                               Love and Respect


           Pradip & Dipal Brahmbhatt with the Staff    of Alief  Campus.           

                 of   Houston Community College System, Houston. Tx.