May 2nd 2009

सांइकी भक्ति

                           सांइकी भक्ति
.ताः२/५/२००९                प्रदीप ब्रह्मभट्ट

सांइराम सांइराम रटते रहो,
            जीवनमें शांन्ति पाते चलो;
रटते रहो प्रभु भक्तिके साथ,
             रहे ना जीवनमें कोइ आश.
                           ……..सांइराम सांइराम.

करुणाके सागर संत दयालु,
            रहते है हर भक्तो के साथ;
प्रेम भावसे भक्ति जो करते,
             अंतरमें आनंद वो पाते रहते.
                           …….सांइराम सांइराम.

दीलमे कोइ अरमान जो जागे,
             सांइ कृपासे  पुरे हो जातेः
प्यार जगतका मिल जायेगा,
            भक्तिसे जब सब मील जायेगा.
                         ……..  सांइराम सांइराम.

======राम राम सांइराम,राम राम सांइराम=======

May 2nd 2009

Healthy ABCD

                     Healthy  ABCD

Date:1/5/2009                          Pradip Brahmbhatt

A       Always get up before sun rise.  
B       Banana a day keeps your doctor away.
C       Cabbage and lettuce has 100% iron.
D       Drink more water everyday.
E        Exercise is the best remedy.       
F        Fresh vegetables will help you to keep healthy.    
G       Give and get love from everybody    
H       Health is the wealth of the life it is in your hand.
I         Ignore to eat machine made food.   
J        Just more vegetables make you healthy.
K       Keep track of your health.
L        Long life is in your hand.
M      Milk is good for the health.   
N       No wine and alcohol beverages.
O       Over limit is danger.
P        Purely vegetarian has healthy life.
Q       Quit drinking and smoking.
R       Rest is necessary when you work continues.
S        Start today do not delay.
T        Talk less and work hard.
U        Urine therapy is one of the best remedy.
V        View before you Walk. 

W       Walking is also good exercise.
X        ==========

Y        Your health is in your hand.     
Z         ==========