May 9th 2010


                Happy Birthday
                                        To Cau Chin.

Dt.9/5/2010                       pradip Brahmbhatt

We are lucky people in Houston,      
         We have a great gift of God in Houston,
We can face any problem in Houston,
         We have great spiritual man in Houston,
We are celebrating his Birthday in Houston,
               that’s Mr.Cau Chin
                            only Mr.Cau Chin
         who helps human being in Houston.

prayer by heart,
           will take you proper place
     when you love God,
                               will show you the way
         when you keep faith,
                    you will get bleesing every Day
Mr.Cau Chin will tell you 
                         Free Free,Free
             your past,present & future.
We pray God to
      Give him happy,Healthy & Long Life.
          Happy,Happy & Happy Birthday
Pradip,Rama, Ravi ,Dipal,Shakuben
                               Our Dear
       Mr. Cau Chin.On May,9th,2010
                                         On His Lovely Birthday.